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    PMC   Maffucci syndrome is a sporadic disease characterized by the presence of multiple enchondromas associated with multiple simple or cavernous soft tissue hemangiomas.

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    The principal finding of the present study was that the size of the lesion as determined on magnetic resonance images was the strongest prognostic variable, with the average size length × width being mm 2 in the group with healing as compared with mm 2 in the group without healing. Languages العربية Deutsch Español Italiano Edit links. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Some authors have argued that synovial osteochondroma is a variant of extraskeletal osteochondroma and others have said that synovial osteochondroma is a variant of synovial chondromatosis. Osteocartilaginous loose bodies were located on the adjacent lateral meniscus and joined with the lateral meniscus at the end. J Pediatr Orthop B.

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    In addition, clinical symptoms often resolve long before there are radiographic or magnetic resonance imaging signs of resolution, which leads to poor treatment compliance and loss to follow-up. Static winged scapula as a result of solitary scapular osteochondroma. Sagittal proton-density images with fat saturation showing the length measurement of the lesion A and the length measurement of the condyle C. Cahill B. The patient had a good postoperative period without complications and the knee pain resolved within 3 months following the operation. Usually arising from the juxta-articular soft tissues without attaching to the bone, these lesions can be large and show clinical and radiological features of a malignant process.

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    A computed tomography CT scan of his right shoulder was performed which revealed a 20x18 mm osteochondroma arising from the ventral surface of the scapula Fig. Last, we acknowledge that there are also limitations and potential implications associated with the retrospective study design, including the lack of standardization of symptom descriptions as well as the reliability and accuracy of the study measures. These lesions are tumor -like growths that consist of replacement of the medullary bone with fibrous tissue, causing the expansion and weakening of the areas of bone involved.

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    Achondroplasia is a type of autosomal dominant genetic disorder that is the most common cause of dwarfism. Tietze's syndrome. In our study, the mean age at the time of diagnosis was A sensitivity analysis to assess the independence assumption on a reduced data set closely agreed with the results of the full data set all knees. Cartilage chondrogenic lesions.

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    Validation on other data sets is necessary to confirm its generalizability for other populations. Management of osteochondritis dissecans of the knee: Periosteal osteoblastoma of the pelvis: All six lateral condylar lesions demonstrated healing or progression toward healing. Fourth, even when magnetic resonance imaging electronic calipers are used, there is some error in the measurement of lesion size because the margins of the lesion may be poorly defined. Trevor D. Osteochondritis dissecans.

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    Patients are normal at birth and the syndrome manifests during childhood and puberty. We found that lesion size, particularly lesion size normalized to the size of the femoral condyle, was a strong determinant of outcome. On subsequent visits, spaced six to eight weeks apart, the patient was slowly advanced back to full activity while wearing the brace if the lesion showed progression toward healing.

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    Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Curr Opin Pediatr. No commercial entity paid or directed, or agreed to pay or direct, any benefits to any research fund, foundation, division, center, clinical practice, or other charitable or nonprofit organization with which the authors, or a member of their immediate families, are affiliated or associated. All six lateral condylar lesions demonstrated healing or progression toward healing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Differential Diagnosis of Orthopaedic Oncology.

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    Especially when involving the skull or facial bones, the lesions can cause externally visible deformities. Osteochondritis dissecans. Condyle length § mm. The authors of more recent studies have argued that this is not a sign of fluid or instability, but of healing granulation tissue 17 , 22 , 45 , Views Read Edit View history.

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    With an increased number of failures, the statistical models will need to be updated adjusted to be valid and generalizable. There are different types of the prognosis: If the articular cartilage is intact, a six-month course of nonoperative treatment is indicated; however, patients and their families should be counseled with regard to the prognosis for healing. Conventional knee radiographs were made at the time of diagnosis and included anteroposterior, lateral, notch, and sunrise views. Osteosclerosis , an elevation in bone density, [8] is normally detected on an X-ray as an area of whiteness, and is where the bone density has significantly increased. The fibrous capsule was adjacent to the fibrocartilaginous meniscus tissue yellow arrows [ B ]. Results of drilling osteochondritis dissecans before skeletal maturity.

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